NABL Accreditation consultant

NABL Accreditation

How to get NABL accreditation ?

Do we need an NABL Accreditation Consultant ?

Here is the answer for the two major Questions asked about NABL Accreditation of laboratories.

NABL accreditation or what we call ISO 17025:2017 accreditation for laboratories is the standard accepted and accredited globally. We have undertaken and successfully accredited multiple laboratories across the state so far as per the ISO 17025:2005/2017 standards. All of our clients are certified by Internationally recognized accreditation body like NABL India.

There are many benefits of implementing ISO 17025:2017. Especially when you get accreditation through an experienced NABL Accreditation consultant, you get benefited. Although, there may be initial costs of becoming accredited to the standard, it is important to understand that having NABL Accreditation / ISO 17025 in place will provide you with long-term benefits making it well worth the effort.


International Reputation

When you become accredited to ISO 17025, your laboratory will be able to win a great reputation and shows that it has high standards, putting it above competitors. Furthermore, when you have a good reputation amongst auditors and regulatory departments, this will help boost the lab’s reputation not only locally, but nationally and internationally.

Cost Reduction

ISO 17025:2017 has strict guidelines and requires labs to carefully monitor results. Getting accurate and precise results helps minimize the lab’s operational costs. When retesting is reduced, money will be saved. Overall, the standard creates parameters to bring control over lab operations and therefore drives the operational costs down.

Systematic Approach

ISO 17025:2017 requires labs to adopt a systematic approach in their process. As a result, this helps keep lab protocols in place.

Improved Lab Testing Environment

Validations and appropriateness of test methods, under prescribed lab environment results in more accurate outcomes. This ensures quality to customers, and also for lab. When lab testing is improved it will save you time and number of tests and in return save you money. The standard also has strict guidelines for instruments and equipment, which in return results in reduced repairs and defect levels

Enhanced Customers’ Satisfaction Level

Labs will gain confidence of their clients and future clients easily because the ISO 17025 is a universally accepted standard. ISO 17025 requirements ensure that lab is operating efficiently, consistently and is dedicated to providing the best results, and therefore providing customer satisfaction.


ISO 17025:2017 requires proper documentation of all processes, changes made, errors or discrepancies and helps mitigate problems, all in all providing stability and better results for the lab. When the proper documentation is followed, the staff becomes more accountable.

Employee Morale and Training

The standard requires training for staff members. The staff have defined roles, responsibilities and improves knowledge and can also diversify skill-sets. This often boosts employee morale and provides them with the training necessary to be competent.

Activities we undertake as an NABL Accreditation Consultant:


Training to understand standard,

Support to calculate Measurement uncertainty,


Proficiency Testing (PT),

Inter-Lab Comparison (ILC),

Internal audit,

Management Review

Application to NABL,

Coordinate audits by NABL assessors