ISO standards for Rubber Industries

ISO certification for Rubber Industries

The Indian rubber industry has a turnover of Rs 12000 crores. India is largest manufacturer of natural rubber and provides huge employment opportunity in states like Kerala. More than 50 % of rubber products are related to Auto Industry.  Apart from automobile Rubber has huge industrial usage. A lot of units are involved in manufacturing of various quality of rubber products that matches international standards.

The ISO 9001 standards for rubber Industry are defined in a manner that every small and big industry can implement it. The ISO 14001 for environmental safety are also important for almost all rubber component manufacturing  companies.

Our Team has experience of more than 20 years working with multiple Rubber product manufacturers as well as rubber units and implemented the ISO standards. We have got them certified only after thorough Internal Audit and External Audit of the Documentation and process implementation, as per ISO 9001 standards.

All of our clients are holders of Genuine ISO 9001 Certifications. We follow the standards established by ISO.ORG